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What does the set of beehive tags include?

The set includes 50 tags, 50 magnets, 50 sticky circles — all these in a comfortable case for transportation and storage. This set is completely ready for use at the apiary. Yellow and white tags are available for order. You can code the year of the queen's birth by the tag color.

What are the tags for bee colonies made of?

The tags are made of high quality extruded acrylic glass Plexiglas XT. This material has unsurpassed resistance to aging and atmospheric effects. It is light, impact resistant, steady in ultraviolet radiation and humidity, and is able to resist 40-degree frost. The material does not turn yellow and does not become fragile even after long exposure to the environment. Buying the material directly from the manufacturer we can guarantee 10 years of undamaged condition and the unalterability of all the physical properties of the tags (except mechanical damage).

The beehive tags are made of high quality Plexiglas XT

How are beehive tags made?

The tags are cut out of a Plexiglas XT sheet by a laser in the polished cut mode. This technology allows for achieving an ideally smooth surface of the cut. With laser processing there is no accompanying tension, the material is not deformed. The technology of laser cutting gives an opportunity to produce semi-finished products with absolute precision.

The labels are polished cut by a laser

How is the number image applied?

The image is applied by the method of ultraviolet printing with a definition of 1440 dpi. The use of UV-ink that sets (photo-polymerizes) under the influence of ultraviolet radiation forming a thick film on the print-receiving material gives a number of undeniable advantages. Such an image resists abrasion, ultraviolet radiation, rapid temperature changes, and moisture. Like the Plexiglas XT material, the image of the number retains its properties unchanged up to 10 years and longer.

The image is applied by the method of ultraviolet printing

What magnet is used to fix the tags to the beehive?

To fix the tags to the beehive, an ultra-thin magnet is used of rare earth metal NdFeB, which provides great adhesive power (tearing force of 500 grams). The magnet is securely protected from rust and corrosion by an anti-corrosion nickel coating 10 micron thick.

To fix the labels to the beehive, an ultra-thin magnet of rare earth metal is used

How is the magnet fixed to the beehive?

To fix the magnet to the beehive, circles are used of double-faced tape on the polyethylene terephthalate foundation with a glue layer of modified acryl with high thermal stability and slide resistance. This solution provides for a reliable adhesion of the magnet to any surface of the beehive. Such a combination is durable, steady in ultraviolet radiation and moisture and is not afraid of the heat expansion of the materials. By the same connection to the back side of the tag, the magnet is fixed of rare earth metal NdFeB with an anti-corrosion coating.

Fixing the magnet to the beehive

A video overview of the tags (in Russian)

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The set is completely ready for use at the apiary

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